View Full Version : Co-channel confusion

6-Jul-2012, 6:54 AM
At my exact location in ZipCode 92586, FM Signal Analysis shows four stations co-channel at frequency 88.1. KRTM (Rx -66.6) and K201CD (Rx -81.3) show up in the table, while KKJZ and what looks like K201?? (both around Rx -98-99) only make the chart below. If Fm Signal Analysis is done using just the ZipCode (no elevation), KRTM and KKJZ disappear entirely. Yet both at home and in my car many miles away, KKJZ is the only station received at that frequency. From RadioLocator's station coverage maps, I am just at the outside edge of KKJZ's fringe reception area and well outside of the fringe reception areas of the other stations.
So, fine for me, as KKJZ is the station I want and I will put a yagi on the roof for better reception. But, what happened with your signal analysis?

6-Jul-2012, 4:26 PM
Oops! I went back to RadioLocator and noticed something I hadn't before. KRTM has a construction permit and that coverage map puts my location inside their fringe area, close to the distant-fringe boundary and consistent with your high Rx number. The transmitter at the new location can't be active yet, but if-and-when I am going to need an antenna with enough gain to pull in KKJZ's HDRadio signal, or an azimuth pattern with a whole lot of rear rejection.