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10-Dec-2009, 5:51 AM
Dear Industry Representative:

Please accept the enclosed draft Use Case Document to guide your decisions about the market possibilities for mobile digital television (Mobile DTV). The document was created by two working groups of the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC)—OMVC‘s Business Advisory Group (OBAG) and OMVC‘s Technical Advisory Group (OTAG). It represents these experts' analysis of all activities that a customer may undertake through mobile DTV, as well as a description of mobile device capabilities that would enable such activities.

We have prepared the document to help device and infrastructure manufacturers understand the possibilities and requirements for a robust mobile DTV market. It also includes features that the broadcast industry feels would be necessary to create a profitable business. Those features are prioritized by need and time-to-market expectations.

Please consider this a living document, one that will undergo changes as it receives widespread exposure and as the mobile DTV market evolves. To make it more effective we invite your feedback and comments.


The Open Mobile Video Coalition

Link: mobile-dtv.pdf (http://www.openmobilevideo.com/_assets/docs/broadcasters/mobile-dtv.pdf)

2-Nov-2011, 2:39 PM
Mobile tv for nokia x3-02 which works with wifi?
i already downloaded this app but it wont work with wifi . it says packet data connection not available. what to do.