View Full Version : KSKY 92.9 Dallas

9-Jan-2012, 10:35 PM
Heard a station at 92.9 today. Didn't see it on the list.

Wikipedia says (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KSKY):

In and near Dallas:

Special Temporary Authorization (STA) in operation
92.9 MHz, Channel 225, has an Effective Radiated Power of 800 Watts
Antenna Location Coordinates (NAD-27) 32-46-43 North at 96-43-51 West
FCC Antenna Structure Registration Number 1221248
Overall Tower Height Above Ground Level 160.9 meters
Height of Radiation Center Above Mean Sea Level 270 meters
Height of Radiation Center Above Ground Level 144 meters

There are other TX locations and frequencies for KSKY in the Wiki list.

95.5 MHz - STA Forth worth, TX
92.1 MHz - Proposed STA for Arlington, TX