View Full Version : FM Fool issues

8-Aug-2010, 4:27 PM

I love the tool (and TV Fool as well!). I have noticed some abberations in the operation of the tool. I plugged the actual WUNC FM transmitter tower site specs (lat/long/height) to see what a monitor antenna at height would receive, and interestingly, the stations located on the tower itself were listed as extremely weak (Rx -69dBm) even though the distance displayed correctly as 0.0mi. Granted, panel transmit antenna patterns have little radiation vertically, but is the transmit antenna pattern taken into account in the strength and coverage FM fool delivers?

Also, the chart lists 65 stations max. Is there a way to have all the stations above a certain signal strength listed? I also noticed that the max height it allows is 500ft, any way to allow 1500ft, as many towers are higher than 500ft? From a broadcaster perspective that would be useful.

Awesome site! :)