View Full Version : 150 mile antenna?

7-Nov-2011, 2:45 PM
How can there be a 150 mile antenna that I see advertized?

"150 Mile Outdoor Antennas
Ranked #1 Best Outdoor HD Antennas 100% Fast Free Ship To USA & Canada"

according to some LOS calculations a transmitting antenna to reach my 35 foot high antenna would have to be 10,000 feet high !!!!!

or If I had my antenna up 100 feet the xmitter would only have to be 9300 feet high for LOS!!!!!!!

It is my understanding that VHF and particularly UHF is line of sight.... not ionoshpere reflected or bent.
(although I did receive an FM station from SanFransico to Tampa FL one time)


Dave Loudin
8-Nov-2011, 5:49 PM
It's a false claim, based on adding the gain of the included amplifier with the gain of the antenna. Antenna gain will help bring in weaker signals, which are typically farther away, but could be nearby behind a mountain. The amplifier does nothing but zero out cable loss.