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15-Feb-2018, 2:41 AM
4 MACOM UVSJs Compared

21-Feb-2019, 2:02 AM
Ok Rabbit Rant about mast mount AMP ok I have used both the channel master amp's
like the 7778 & the 7777 with a ANTENNAS DIRECT 91xg, channel 69.1 out of providence
R ct 80miles away antennas higth 100ft out of Springfield Massachusetts with the 78amp
Loos the channel at about 11:00am and I would get it back at 6:00pm.
So then I used a 7777amp and receive the broadcasting station day and night and no dropouts in bad weather conditions single of 90percent. And if you're going too do hi&low band vhf
I Suggest that big,Winegrud 8200u inside of outside.
When I was a kid RABBIT Ears on the tv set