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27-Jul-2017, 2:28 PM
Hey everyone!
This site is amazing.
I'm having a problem with my reception and wanted to post in that subforum...but I can't :(
Let me know how I can do that!

Just fyi, I'm trying to figure out why I randomly lost a major channel. According to the tool on this site it should come in clear, and up until a month or two ago, it was! But then it just stopped. I messed with the antenna and for a while the channel came in great...when I was touching the cable... But very soon after that stopped working as well. I just want to watch CBS!!!!! Thanks.

28-Jul-2017, 12:38 AM
Let me know how I can do that!There is a shortage of moderators. It often takes weeks to be allowed to post.

Can you post yet on this thread:

What antenna are you using, and where is it located?

What does your tvfool report look like?