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ken farnik
8-Aug-2015, 9:35 PM
I am 41 miles away heading 243 degrees from channel 14, virtual 14.1 WYBN-LD with transmitter in the mountains near Windham, New York. TV fool says LOS and my reception verifies this since my Digitstream converter says 80 on a possible scale of 100. My sister's Sony shows 4 bars on a possible scale of 5 bars. I did get a quick signal reading of -10 dBmV on my signal meter before it died, but because of unknown amplifier gain and cable,splitter losses, the best I can estimate is antenna signal strength of -24 dBmV or 21 dB above the noise floor of -45 dBmV. This is usually good enough to get flawless HD pictures with no breakup.
Well, here is the problem: WYBN is running no HD, but it is running 8 separate channels in what I would call "horrible" SD quality. There is pixelization and when there is no movement in the scene on "THIS", it clears up. When there is the slightest movement, the picture changes to large blocks similar to when there is a remote feed on the news on NBC when the the person is using a cell phone. I get the same break-up and horrible both with the SONY HD set and the Digitstream.
Does anybody else have this problem with this channel?