View Full Version : HD/IBOC radio flag in FM Fool

7-Mar-2014, 12:58 PM
Would it be possible for the FM Fool output to show if a station is broadcasting IBOC digital?

I can think of two reasons it would be nice to know:
1. People who like HD radio would want to know what HD stations near them may be receivable.
2. People who want to listen to an out of market station that is next to a local HD station on the dial would know they are fighting the HD sideband on the local station.

I think it be visually helpful if HD/IBOC stations were a different color in the list. In the power spectrum at the bottom of the output, HD bars could be longer to show the overlap into the adjacent channels. It would be nice if a d flag could be added with the C and a flags on the left, where a d flag would mean the digital sideband of an adjacent channel is strong enough to cause interference with the listed channel.

The FCC has a list of stations authorized to broadcast IBOC digital, but I have not found a list of how powerful the authorized digital signals are.