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26-Sep-2012, 7:20 PM

I have a Clearstream 2, with a tripod mount on my single story house.
As I did my 1st channel search..came up with 32 stations in the Seattle Area. YEAH!

I am learning my limitations ;-) & need an installer to help finish this project.

Looking for someone to help setup/tweak our Visio remote to access our OTA
stations & access Widgets that are included in our Visio TV.. & perhaps some media streaming via wireless router for stations (HGTV) to keep Mama happy ;)

Equipment: Antenna Direct "Clearstream2"
Visio Model # E422VA about 1 3/4 years old

Location: Greater Seattle area, Zip Code is 98030

Like to get this done before we get covered with moss as the rains come!

Thanks Much,