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Help in Lindsay Ontario

Hi folks,
I am in Lindsay Ontario and I've installed a WG HD 7698P deep fringe antenna.
It's on a 50 FT tower.
I also have a Channel Master amp hooked up.
It's either a 7777 or 7778 ( Need to validate this & respond back )

The Signal report is here:

I find all stations drift in and out of reception throughout the day.

I may put another amp just prior to the TV since the line runs down the tower, and through the house about 25 to 30 feet.

I do not have a Rotor, pointing the antenna towards the CN tower.

Anyone have further ideas on what I can to to improve my chances at reception ?
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Another amplifier isn't going to help you, and in the face of the strong CBC station nearby, could actually hurt you. Toronto appears to have a massive escarpment between you and it, and the signals present from the Toronto stations are unlikely to be reliable under the best of circumstances. I would suggest that you consider installing a rotator, and look for programming from The Rochester, NY stations for US channels, and it appears that you already have CBC, Global, CTV2 and Radio-Canada nearby. At least you'll see Hockey Night in Canada
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