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One Less Bill
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Northern VA Setup - Help Needed, Results Posted

Nothing like playing in the attic during a heat wave! I have an Antennacraft HBU33 ( installed in my attic with about 55 ft of cable going to my main TV downstairs. I just made the mistake of purchasing a Channel Master CM-7777 preamplifier which I believe overpowered my signal. My goal was to improve my reception and add a splitter for a bedroom TV, so I thought I needed the added power. After adding the preamplifier in the attic (both preamp and power supply before the splitter), I went from having 32 channels to only 8 channels. I just now removed the amplifier entirely and went back to around 32 channels. The CM-7777 replaced an older Radio Shack preamp which was installed so the power supply end was installed downstairs near the TV (single, not split). Suggestions? My tvfool analysis is below:

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Yes the CM7777 has 30dB of gain and that is to much.

A CM7778 has 16 dB of gain and that is better.

However the Winegard HDP-269 preamp has 12dB of gain and is also designed to resist overload.


Yes all parts of the amplifier can be installed before the splitter , the preamp , power injector , power supply.

It the power supply and power injector is after the splitter , then one or more of the outputs of the splitter needs to be 'power passing' through the output to the input so the preamp unit can receive power.

The , power supply , power injector , preamp , is connected to a power passing port.

The preamp can not operate without power.


Attics and the inside of buildings Are Not a reception friendly environment and Never Will Be a reception friendly environment.

Multi-path/reflections signals bouncing all around can be too many signals for the tuners computer to correct.

And attics and inside of buildings , absorb and block Tv reception.


To improve reception and happiness.

Install the HBU33 antenna above the roof in such a manner that the roof and house are not blocking reception to the , North East and West North.

Most likely , a HDP-269 preamplifier will not be required with antenna above the roof.


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Hello neighbor(well almost), first of all, were you satisfied with reception results when just one set was connected? If not, what channels were missing or problematic?

The amp probably was overloading. WNVT-30 (30.6-30.12) is actually right down the road from you off route 234 in Independent Hill. It is not in Goldvein.

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