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Antenna Recommendation

Please reference my report:

I live in north central Florida and am looking for recommendations for the best antenna for my location. I would like to access as many channels as possible.

Thanks for any help/suggestions!
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Jake V
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Welcome, Tome!

The answer to your question depends on how you define "as many channels as possible". You have strong Gainesville locals but also some distant channels from Jacksonville and Orlando that may be possible to receive.

If you are happy with only the Gainesville channels, I'd probably go with an Antennas Direct Clearstream 2V pointed to about 310 degrees on a compass. It may not get some of the channels to the northwest that are highlighted in red on your TV Fool Report (like Univision). You'd probably want to look up each one and see if you really want some of them. If yes, you should probably get the Antennas Direct DB-4 (with the VHF kit to try for the few real channel VHF channels you have.)

If you want to try to get some of the Jacksonville and Orlando channels, it will require experimentation without any guarantee. In this case I'd probably start with an Antennas Direct DB-8e. Remove the reflectors to make each panel bi-directional. Set them to that they are exactly 90 degrees apart (forming a nice corner). Aim one panel at about 33 degrees (towards Jacksonville). Adding 90 degrees will mean the other panel will be aimed at about 123 degrees (which might pick up Orlando). The back side should pick up the stronger stations in Gainsville. The backside of the one facing towards Jacksonville should pick up the strong locals to the SSW. You can see what happens and then consider your next moves. This all assumes that you have good visibility in all directions (and are not in the middle of a forest or blocked by buildings, etc., and that your antenna is going on the roof).

But remember that it is all an experiment with no guarantees.
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