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Chantilly, VA - Reception Help

Hello All,
I have been OTA for a while now and think I should have a way to get some better reception than what I do.

Here is my tvfool report:

I have a problem where the Broadcast stations are on the other side of a hill with townhouses on them. So I have to point my antenna right at the hill and well needless to say this does not have the best of receptions. The Hill starts its slope up about 20-30 feet from the back of the house.

I have a Winegard 7084P and a channelmaster pre-amp. The other problem is that it can be windy and it moves my antenna so it goes from a touchy ok for the channels to well not so much.

I am not opposed to replacing all/part of the setup to actually get all the local channels. Right now I don't get channel 4 (NBC so it looks like 48), 9, 50, 20 (35) is so so.

These seem to come in ok, 5 (36), 7, 32 (WHUT), 30, 66 (34 Most of the time)

I would have expected things to work better than what they do. I have RG6 Coax running down the side of the house from the antenna to inside.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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How high is your antenna from the ground? Can you re-run the report at that height and at, say, 10' and 20' higher? Any way you can get more height if that might solve it?

7 and 9 broadcast from the same location at almost the same power and elevation so it's puzzling why you'd get one and not the other. Might just be in a bad spot, you could try moving the antenna 10' or 20' away from it's present location and see if that helps.
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Did you find any of the suggestions from the "Digital Home Forum" to be useful?
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