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KKTV is now on 49

KKTV is still showing a Real RF channel of 10. I am about 99.9 % sure it is on 49 and has been for a while. I work at Antennas Direct and we get calls from all over the place. This evening one customer called and another rep took the call and found the real freq for the station is listed as 49 on Antenna Point.

I think their web site, or one of them states the same info. The Wikipedia entry also has a sidebar that states 49 as the transmitted freq.
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Thanks for the heads up!

The FCC database has had KKTV on channel 49 for a long time now, but in reality they were still using their channel 10 transmitter up until recently. The FCC data showed channel 49 as active even though the transmitter was not actually on the air yet.

We had to fix our database so that KKTV would show up as channel 10 in the "current" data, and as channel 49 in the "pending" data. We were originally told (this goes back almost a year now) that the switch to channel 49 would occur near the end of summer, 2010.

According to the Wikipedia article, they switched to their channel 49 transmitter on January 21, 2011 (just last week!). It looks like their original plans for last summer got postponed until now.

We will update our database again to make channel 49 the "current" data.

Again, thanks for letting us know that the transmitter has finally gone live.
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