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I need re-help to set up an antennae

It's been a couple years, but thanks to advice here I had a working system, but it was in the attic living space and the kids took it down. I can't get the system put back into working order. I seem to have forgotten everything.

I live here:

My antenna" - Channel Master CM-4228HD (is it still the right one to have)

With this preamp: RCA TVPRAMP1R (might it not be working)

And: Coaxial Cable (100 Feet) with F-Male Connectors (what parts do I need yet?)

The antenna would face west on the 2nd floor porch roof or the 3rd floor attic

Where do I go from here?

Thank you!

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I would start on the 2nd floor porch with a short run of cable (6-feet) and no pre-amp to see what you can see. The porch install might be preferable to the attic or roof, due to the strong KTIN signal coming from the east getting blocked by your house. I'm not sure if KTIN is strong enough to overload the pre-amp or not. The 4228 is still a fine antenna, though it is not designed to pull in KCAU on real-ch-9. Were you able to receive KCAU before? Once you check out what you see on the porch with a short cable run, try adding the 100 feet of cable run and the pre-amp, if necessary. Those pre-amps are known to fail. That could be your problem. If ABC is a priority and the 4228 does not get it, you may need to add a VHF-specific rig such as the MCM 2476 or Clearstream 5. Choose the Antennas Direct diplexer to join UHF and VHF in that case.
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I would refer back to your instructions for your preamp
in particular. If you cannot find them, I'd try online.
100 feet of RG6 is way more cable than you should use,
unless absolutely necessary. The antenna should be
fine. You would be much better off reinstalling your
system outside on the roof or using a "J" mount on
your eaves.....
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