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am i SOL?? need any help/advice can get

well here goes...and let me start by saying, great site, lots of good information, thanks for having me. anyhow, i already have an idea that i won't get it all, but surely to goodness i can get something. obviously i would love to have the big 4. may not even be possible. I've looked everywhere at what the best antenna may be, but it can be a bit overwhelming. even considered the lava 2605, but the bad reviews have me concerned about going that route. am i SOL? my place is a hunting camp on the river, so i am generally only there on the weekends, so this is not my primary home, so its not as important, but geez, football season is here and I've watched all the dvds i can stand already. what say ye?
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The Signal Strengths are Very Weak Signal Strengths at the reception location.

Do not delete the first tvfool report that is showing 25 feet antenna height above ground.

To see if signal strengths improve with higher antenna heights above ground

please Make and Post 3 more tvfool reports with antenna heights of , 40 , 60 ,

80 , feet antenna heights above ground.
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What does your line of sight look like back towards Memphis?
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Greetings BuckFinn,

Your map is unfavorable. Any attempt will require your pathway towards Greenville, MS or Memphis being free and clear of all obstacles.

Some have reported the red and gray signals on TVfool maps aren't always accurate. If you did attempt an installation, your baseline would be an expectation that you are in an terrain shielded area and there is a very real possibility you won't be able to lock on any signals.

If you do attempt, purchase from vendors that have generous return policies.

It might be worth a shot if you have open line of sight.... this is one of those situations that you just have to put something in the air and see.

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If you are surrounded by trees, you would need to consider a tower that would place the antenna above the trees.
If the well is dry and you don't see rain on the horizon, you'll need to dig the hole deeper. (If the antenna can't get the job done, an amp won't fix it.)

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To see if signal strengths improve , please make and post the tvfool reports , with the Exact address and antenna heights of , 40 , 60 , 80 , feet above ground.

A -->Tall<--Straight Pine Tree can be used as a Tower for a Tv antenna.

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thanks for everybody's input. ya, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and just try one out and see if we can grab anything. thanks for the help for sure y'all. yes, most definitely trees around.

here it is at 35 foot.
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Based on the partial lat/lon on your plot (33.39,-91.13), it looks like you are by a river, so low local terrain.
TV fool does not predict LOS paths until around 70’. Looking at the distances between you and transmitters, the closest full power transmitters are 50+ miles away. A lot of them are 77+ miles away.
In my experience, 50 mile reception with a decent noise margin is easy. 75+ mile reception starts to become a problem just from the curvature of the earth.
For your location, you probably need:
1. As tall of a mast/tower/pole as you can safely and legally put up. (No one [with very few exceptions] can keep you from putting up an antenna, but local government can make sure anything taller than 12’ above your roof is safe. )
2. A high gain directional UHF (real channels 14 to 51) antenna, a DB8e is an example.
3. A low noise preamp to keep what signal the antenna gets alive down the coax into your TV. I recommend the Antennas Direct PA-18. The noise specification is very low and your location should not overload it.
4. Good grounding for the antenna and whatever support you put it on.

Your location may not be very VHF (Real channel 2-13) friendly.
VHF low stations (real channels 2-6) suffer from a lot of noise. WMD has a NM of 6 at 100’ with a 2 edge path. WMC-DT is still a 1 edge path even at 500 feet. At 500 feet, the NM is 15.4. So from the discussion in WMC-DT may be receivable by extreme measures, but it may not.
It looks like for VHF-high signals your location is co channel hell. There are two channel 12 signals that are close to 180 degrees apart. To fight that would require a big antenna with a high front to back ratio. (based on 33.39,-91.13 at 70 feet it is even worse, the two channel 12’s are almost right on top of each other’s signal strength.) On the other hand, real channel 7, KETS PBS would come in very well at 70’.

If I lived near you live, I would focus on UHF stations. Once I figured out what was available on UHF, I would see if I needed any VHF stations to fill-in major networks.
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