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Originally Posted by Tower Guy View Post
My guess would be:
Channel 7 WOOD Grand Rapids
Channel 8 WWMT Kalamazoo
Channel 11 WGVU Grand Rapids
Up another 10ft on the antenna.
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Cool Well, how's your reception?

Hey!, did you give any more consideration to taking the reflector off of your 4228HD?

Going higher with the antenna isn't always the answer but it is a possibility. Just for your purposes I would recommend no more than 10 feet of mast if you have a 3 foot tripod. You could definitely go crazy with guy wires like I did but now you're punching extra holes in the roof. But it is a viable option.

I also recommend using 1 3/8" galvanized chain link fence top rail. Specify the thicker SS-20. It's 10 times better than the antenna Mast that they sell commercially. For an extra strong mast you can stuff 1 inch water pipe inside of the inch and 3/8 pipe. That really stiff and sit up but it does make it heavy.

Channel Master makes a rotator but it's not real heavy duty to be honest I've gone through two of them with my heavy mast & double antenna system. Your system might not be too much for a Channel Master rotator.

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