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Need Help!

I am new to this forum.

This is my signal analysis.

I can not use an outdoor antenna. I have different type of antenna.
I tried a Direct C2 Clear Station and a Double Bowtie. However I am not getting channel 7 (ABC) and sometimes channel 11 (NBC). May be this has to do with VHF vs UHF?

I tried a rabbit ear type. By moving it around, I managed to get channel 7 but I couldn't get anything else.

Not sure getting an amp or switching to another type of antenna will help or not. Will something like a Terk HDTVi get better signals? Will Mohu even work? I am not exactly sure how to analyze the chart above.

Thanks. Any help will be appreciated.
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Personally, I would never recommend an indoor antenna, cause if the results are NFG, it would make me look bad.
Indoor results are unpredictable and will vary greatly, among different locations and building materials.
An amp is only used for pushing the signal through cable a long distance, NOT for pulling in weak signals.
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Is this a , house , town home , condo , apartment , mobile home , motor home , or etc.??

What directions do the windows face??

What directions are patios/balconies??

What floor??

What is the top floor??

How many Tv's are/will be connected??

The best for reception with a indoor antenna is , building construction , wood with wood or vinyl siding and composition single roof.

The following is a - non complete - list of building construction that will reduce or block Tv reception more.

Concrete , concrete blocks , bricks , big rocks , metal siding , metal roof , metal backed insulation , solar panels

What is the building construction??


--------> Antennas and Amplifiers DO NOT in any way shape or form "Pull In" Tv transmissions.<--------

Antennas and Amplifiers DO NOT Work Like a Vacuum Cleaner.

The metal reception elements of the antenna Do Not work like a hose of a vacuum cleaner.

The amplifier Does Not work like a vacuum motor.

The following is closer to the truth.

The Antenna - Receives - electromagnetic waves that arrive at the metal reception elements.

The Amplifier makes the signal , electromagnetic waves stronger.

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