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What happen to all the High VHF antenna?

What happen to all the VHF antennas i'm looking for one for the Higg band of VHF 7-13. I been doing some looking and i know a bought one foe a friend of mine about a year ago was a Y-10-7-13 i believe but it says they are discontuied. does any know of where i can get one now days?

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Winegard discontinued theirs two years ago (~ Early '13) while AntennaCraft went out of business in February as part of the Radio Shack bankruptcy. If you look hard enough on ebay or as some of the online distributors you *might* find one.

We have plenty of ClearStream 5 antennas in stock.
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Maury Markowitz
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Do you want high-VHF only, or a combo? If a combo is OK...

I'm thinking about getting this as the second antenna in a two-antenna setup, as only one of the directions I point has a high-VHF signal.
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Tower Guy
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Stark Electronic shows the Winegard YA-1713 on their web site. Perhaps they have some left.
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