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Help with a VHF channel in Connecticut

I just dumped cable and feel so relieved! I hooked up an antenna and get all the stations I want to very well (PBS, NBC, CBS, ION) except for one, ABC. I am having a problem getting ABC reliably on all of my TVís.

Here are the specifics:
Anetnna: Antennas Direct C2-V-CJM ClearStream 2-V Long Range UHF/VHF
Amp: RCA TVPRAMP1R Outdoor Antenna Preamplifier Ė it is connected right to the antenna in the attic.
Cables are all RG6
Antenna is mounted in the attic of a two story house.
3 TVís connected via 2 two way splitters

If I have the antenna pointed about 280, ABC does not come in at all but everything else comes in reliably. If I point it closer to 240, then ABC comes in on ONE of the TVís (the TV with the shortest run) but not the others. A few of the other stations occasionally get noise like ION get some pixilation.
My uneducated guess is that I should get a dedicated VHF antenna and combine the signals. Iíd rather not mount to the outside of the house.

The TV that getís ABC is on a short run to the second of two splitters and is plugged in directly to a TV. The other two TVís are plugged into a USB Tuner and a HTPC.

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I'd 'test' reception outside, clear of the reception impairments of the attic. However, I want to respect your desire to make the attic install work.

Have you tried mounting the VHF dipole of the C2-V separately? You can add an extension cable if needed. I would continue using the UHF/VHF combiner that is included with the C2-V. Be sure the VHF/UHF switch on the preamp is set to 'COMMON'. The idea is that you can then aim the UHF portion of the antenna independently from the VHF section.

If that fails to produce reliable reception, then step up to an Antennacraft Y10713 if it will fit. If space is tight, the Antennas Direct CS5 or Antennacraft Y5713 would still have more gain than a single dipole antenna.
If the well is dry and you don't see rain on the horizon, you'll need to dig the hole deeper. (If the antenna can't get the job done, an amp won't fix it.)

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Thanks - I'm going to try to mount them separately first and point the dipole in the direction of the VHF station. I was going to try that but wanted to ask around for ideas dismantling the thing.

I'll post back with results.
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Installing the CS2V Complete UHF/VHF antenna above the roof in such a manner that the roof and house are not impeding and blocking reception in the directions of , North , North West , West , South West , South East.

Will most likely clear up the reception issues.

Aim the CS2v Complete UHF/VHF antenna at about 305 degree magnetic compass direction.

Here is how to aim antennas ,

As Always , All coax and couplers and splitters and etc. through out the system are suspect of being bad , resulting in degarded or no reception.

The best coax to use for coax that is exposed to weather/water is the coax that has the Compression type connectors on the ends of the coax , not the old crimp type connectors.

For , coax , connectors , couplers , splitters and etc. , that are exposed to the outside weather and water.
Wrap with


As always . trees and tree leaves , plants and plant leaves , have a Negative effect on broadcast Tv reception and so do buildings and other obstructions including your own roof and house in the directions of reception.

Digital Broadcast Tv tuners can develop - Digital Glitches - that are not cleared out with simple channel scans.

Do Double Rescan ,
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AH HA! Solved!

Attempt 1)
I disconnected the VHF portion of the Clear Stream and made a jury-rigged mount for it. I mounted it perpendicular to the VHF tower. I had high hopes because this makes complete obvious sense, like why didn't I think of this? UHF aligned with UHF towers and VHF aligned with VHF towers. Nothing - UHF good, VHF nothing.

Attempt 2)
This was a shot in the dark. I thought maybe it was the RCA TVPRAMP1R preamp. I had the cable from the Clear Stream plugged into the COMBINED receptor on the preamp and the switch was set for combined mode. Now, I took the VHF output and plugged it into to VHF receptor of the preamp, left the UHF portion plugged into the other receptor, switched the switch to "not combined" mode, and BANG! Super strong VHF signal on all TV's!


I'm not sure why the separating it did it but it did!

Thanks for the help.
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The slide switches in the RCA pre-amp can best be charitably described as <cough, cough..ahem> inexpensive. Okay, they're cheap.

Glad you found a work-around.
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The VHF high band dipole is connected to the VHF input of the preamp.

The UHF loops are connected to the UHF input of the preamp.

The switch is to the non combined inputs , Seperate connections of the antennas.

The VHF high band dipole is amplified seperatly.

The UHF loops are amplified seperatly.
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