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John Candle
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TV Antennas and Reception

I am suggesting the HD7000R pointed in one direction. The HD7000R receives the best in the forward direction but will also receive from other directions and may receive all the channels you will like to watch from both directions. Here is how to point Tv antennas ,

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Thanks again guys.

The current setup is so-so. I think if we were able to get the major networks we'd be happy. This is what we currently receive:

Keyt-HD 3-1 100
Keyt-SD 3-2 100
Ksby-HD 6-1 41
CW-DT 6-2 41
Kcet-HD 28-1 80
Kcet-KF 28-2 85
Kcet-VM 28-3 85
Kcet-MH 28-4 84
Univisi 38-1 100
Telefut 38-2 100
LATV 38-3 100
KVMM-CD 41-1 100
KBEH-DT 41-2 100
PBS-HD 50-1 100
PBS-OC 50-2 100
Daystar 50-3 100
World 50-4 100

As for the two TVs...I don't think that a rotor would be a problem since very few times would both TVs be on at the same time.

I've got some steel vent pipes that stick up about 12", would that be sufficient to mount the antenna? Can I just use hose clamps or should I get an appropriate mount? If I do need a rotor, then the hose clamps probably won't work.

BTW, I found the HD7000R at Amazon for about $23...sounds like a great price.
Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
How has that been working for you? Can you list the channels that are reliably received? Are there channels that you are having trouble with?

It would helpful if you could refer to the real channel rather than virtual channel numbers.

Because you have two sets, I would think you would find a rotator inconvenient for the viewer who does not have control of the antenna direction. There is a chance you may get acceptable reception from the rear of the outdoor antenna... if so, you will not need a rotator or second antenna.
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John Candle
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Tv Antennas and Reception

Read and understand this about , REAL Digital Broadcast Tv Channels , Virtual Digital Broadcast Tv Channels , Analog Tv Channels ,
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