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Antenna help

I would love to put up an HDTV antenna but I don't think I'll be getting many channels if I do. Can somebody please give me some advise based on my report about what channels I would actually be able to get and is it worth it?
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If ABC is important to you, I recommend a Winegard HD8200U or a CM-5020. These are big, but needed if you want to get ABC (WPVI, ch-6, VHF-lo) without a rotor. You would aim to 297-degrees magnetic, and have a high probability of getting ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, PBS. If you want a slightly smaller antenna (i.e. one without VHF low elements), the Winegard 7698P may work, but you would need a rotor and you would be getting your ABC on channel-7 (VHF-hi) at 22-degrees. In either case, you'll need a mast mounted pre-amp like the CM-7778 or RCA-TVPRAMP1,especially since FOX is way down at NM=6 dB.

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Many of the stations you can get are in different directions. This implies that you either need a rotator, or must decide to concentrate on NY or Philly. I'd try a fixed aim antenna at Philly if I were an Eagles fan or NYC if I were a Giants/Jets fan. If you want some of each, there are ways to add VHF antennas aimed in one direction with a UHF antenna aimed in another.
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