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intermittant "no signal" mystery

An attic mounted antenna that has delivered an outstanding picture since DTV for years. About the first of this year, starting early afternoon I start to get "no signal" most often affecting channels 3-15 here in PHX, but often affecting all channels (33-61.) At various times in the evening, the signal returns. Everything throughout the day system wise and electronically is unchanged. I notice this on weekends, but since I get home late on weekdays, I can't attest that this happens everyday. One engineer thought it might be heat related given the timing. But it is winter here. Can the 300 ohm/75 ohm balun go bad? Any ideas? Three TVs connected to antenna. Three different ages with the newest most affected but all affected to some degree. All LCD. Zip code 85308.

And the answer is.....changed the balun and all is well.

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Please make and post a Tvfool report , use the Exact address to make the report and make the antenna height on the report 25 feet above ground.

If the Excat address does not work then go to the Tvfool home page and click on >>Start Maps<< , enter the zip code and move the pointer on the map to the Exact reception location.

Make the antenna height in the report 25 feet above ground and post the report.

What is the make and model number of the antenna??

If make and model number not known then what antenna in the picture looks the most like the anten a you have??
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