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Quirky issue with Primary vs Secondary channels

Greetings and thanks for any help here.
I live in Napa, CA (where the fires are mostly under control now!)

During the windstorm last Sunday, my RCA ANT751 swung out of alignment about 30 degrees on its mast. I corrected that yesterday and also straightened out a couple of the "arms" that were slightly bent by the wind.

Most of my reception seemed to be back to where it should be, but I noticed that video is choppy on most of the x.1 channels, but ok on x.2 or x.3

For instance, 9.1 is the local SF PBS station main channel, but the video and audio is choppy there, but just fine on 9.3 where many of the same shows are repeated daily.
Same choppy problem on CBS on 5.1 - but 5.2 is OK.
Same for 11.1 and 11.2

From the antenna, the cable runs into the house to a splitter and then to HDHomerun Connect – nothing else right now on the splitter. I am using both Windows Media Center and HDHomerun View with the same spotty results.
(I have updated firmware and power cycled the HDHomerun device.)

Here’s my TvFool location report:

Is there some slight antenna damage that could cause this type of problem?
Or is there something different about the x.1 broadcast that is harder to get a clean signal with?

Thanks - Sam
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As I understand it, HD channels which usually broadcast on the .1
subchannel, require a better signal to deliver an uninterrupted,
flawless picture and audio. Many subchannels are broadcast in
SD or in the 4x3 format which use less bandwith and are less
likely to suffer with a poor signal. Your antenna may need
replacement after the wind and fire........
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Thanks Joe,
That makes sense.

I checked that through the web dashboard of the HDHomerun device.
Indeed the x.1 channels are streaming OTA at almost 10 Mbps, but the secondary channels range from 2-6 Mbps.

So only the x.1 channels are HD - probably 1080i.
So I have either a network problem or my antenna is damaged?

OR there is still too much smoke in the air between Napa and the broadcast towers?
I will wait a few more days for the smoke to diminish.

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DTV reception is all or nothing. Your trouble with the .1 stations indicates a problem with display of HD programming. The subchannels are Standard definition.
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