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Anybody ever try this antenna?

looks like it's similar to the rca ant751, but a little longer at 41". it does not say the width, but I emailed and the seller replied the width was 34". claimed gain is 6db on vhf and 10db on uhf.
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I've got no personal experience with this product. The Specifications sound generous but plausible. If accurate, I suspect they are based on the peak gain in a given band and probably referenced to dBi with the balun and SWR losses ignored. (A fairly common practice in the advertising departments of most antenna manufacturers.)

The current UHF band in North America spans CH-14 to CH-51, so the design is a bit dated.

The price looks reasonable.


VHF: 54~230MHz
UHF: 470~862MHz
VHF: 2-13
UHF: 14-69
Impedance: 75 ohm
Range: ~ 75 Miles
No. of elements: 9
VHF: 6dB
UHF: 10d
Front to Back Ratio: 7-15d
Beam width:
VHF: H50
UHF: V60
Antenna Length: 41 Inches
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Their are No Magic Antennas , no mater what the manufactures claim.

It is a Cheap China antenna.

Cheap plastic.

Cheap soft aluminum.

Metal parts that corrode easy.
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I noticed this antenna as well. For $39 with free shipping I am considering buying this and swapping with the ANT751. I'll then pass on the ANT751...

When I do this I'll post some feedback on it.
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Old 7-Oct-2014, 9:48 AM   #5
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Just picked this antenna up. Attached is the coverpage with specifications.

My hope is to remove the ANT751 from service and install this in its place. Later this week I'll try and have more information and comparison vs. the ANT751.

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That particular antenna is manufactured by Qiaohua (, the same company that manufactures private label antennas for Solid Signal, MCM, Parts Express, Digiwave, and others. Their sales rep called on us several years ago trying to get us to sell their line. Their main selling point was that they could do everything cheaper.

I would expect minimal performance difference between the new antenna and the RCA. You'd likely need lab gear to find any discernible difference.
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Yes, I don't have grand expectations at all with it. Just playing with it a little bit. For VHF my presumption is a flatline in contrast to the RCA. For UHF, if I see K23HT-D come up from a 43 to 47 on the signal "strength" meter on my second TV, I'll consider that a good result.

They do everything cheaper huh? Not sure that's a major selling point or a red flag.

The sales rep may wish to reconsider their approach.
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Update: ANI-24UV antenna

Got this this installed today. I had marginal hopes for some mild improvement on UHF. After installation, some signals were flat on my second Sharp TV on the "strength" meter with no improvement. Others exhibited a 20% drop in quality of signal. The reason for this whole experiment was to see if K23HT-D could be brought up from a reading of 43-45 on the "strength" meter to 50 or so.

The opposite occurred. K23HT-D fell from 43 to a 32 and does not decode. This is also the case on the family room TV.

My initial impression is not good. VHF performance is on par with the ANT751, UHF is not.

I will fuss with it a little bit more before I make my final thought, but right now, the ANI-24UV falls into the category of pass on it and look to other options. Unless I find a bug in the system, the ANT751 will be returned to service and the ANI-24UV will become a "freebie" antenna to someone.


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