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Lost reception

Greetings. We live in the 72956 area with an OTA antenna. It's one of those so-called 50 mile radius deals with an amplifier. We have been receiving 19 channels pretty steadily including MeTv & ThisTV which is KXUN 43-2. Recently, we lost both of them including 2 other channels and are now down to 15 channels. We do get KXUN 43-1 but not -2. Otherwise we receive the 4 majors including CBS, FOX, NBC & ABC. I have spanned the whole spectrum of channels by turning the antenna which I do by turning the antenna pole which is topped by the antenna at 20 feet. We have three Vizio TVs (3 different sizes) and they all pick up the same thing (15 channels) after scanning. Can't figure out what went wrong and I am speculating that components in the antenna might have been cooked with the high heat we have been experiencing. Welcome all input.
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72956 is a pretty big zip code

Here is a tvfool report based on your zip code:

Can you give us a more accurate tvfool report than one based only on a zip code? A zip code report shows overload from local strong transmitters. We need an exact address (which will not show) report to give good advice. You can do it here:

Can you tell us more about your antenna and its amplifier?
click on callsign to see subchannels

What direction do you usually use?

Any trees or buildings in the signal path?
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Sudden loss of channels usually indicates either the channels are offline, (not likely but it happens), or equipment failure.

Look at your connections, the amp especially. It could have lost the power supply.

Is it mounted on the roof? In a window? Built in pre-amp? External distribution amp?
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Re: Rabbit73. Location is Van Buren, Arkansas. Don't know anymore about the antenna than I told you. Direction about 20 degrees right of North.
RickBB. After a scan yesterday, 15 channels including MeTV but with different call letters. Scan today, 18 channels including MeTV back on it's usual 44-2. Still no ThisTV. I e-mailed them but they don't reply, so I can't tell if they dropped off the air here or not.
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You didn't loose anything reception-wise, the station has changed their lineup.
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