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Best option for UHF antenna upgrade?

I have a HD7698P facing NYC but I do watch TV from the Philly market too. Using a rotator back and forth is not what I want to do, so the 7698P will stay secure on its low mount facing NYC.

I have an older RadioShack UHF antenna (might be the 15-2162 model) that does a good job of pulling in the Philly (and other channels, see chart) but wonder if replacing it will help me get a better signal, the antenna is probably ~20 yrs old, mounted on the roof the last 10 yrs.

The UHF will go on a rotator with RG8U cable (I have boxes and boxes, bought at 90% off when RS went out of business) and be mounted ~5 foot higher than the one I now have. Looks like Winegard does not have UHF antennas. What choices might I consider, both smaller and larger antennas.

I was able to receive WLVT-DT (Digital), Channel: 39 (39.1) a year ago, now and then. Would like to get it back. FWIW, I can, rarely, receive WLIW ch21 from Long Island, did I say rarely? Any chance I can get the signal more often with the Winegard if I raise it, now at 20'?

Just curious. I never used the 7698P on a rotator or pointed it toward Philly or ch 39. Any chance it might pull in these stations good or is a dedicated UHF antenna my best bet? TIA.
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I do not fully understand your situation. You have a Winegard 7698 on a rotor and keep it pointed at NYC???? You have a UHF only antenna pointed toward Phil??? You want to know how to improve your reception and which UHF only antenna would be best for Phil??? I am certain if you asked 100 people, you would get 100 different solutions to your situation. I do not understand why you object to a rotor? Is it the slow speed of rotation and delay? A UHF only antenna is not an appropriate choice for NYC or Phil. Both markets have VHF which requires a VHF antenna. Phil has Rf 6 which is WPVI, ABC. You need an antenna capable of low band VHF to receive that channel properly. Raising the 7698 may or may not help your situation.
If you can get above the nearby tree line, so much the better. For your Phil stations, a channel master 3018 or RCA 3036 would be a good choice.

You cannot interconnect two VHF/UHF antennas. They have to be connected separately to your televisions. An A/B switch might be a possible solution or a separate tuner for one of the antennas. Again, there are many possible solutions to your situation. I have identified one that I believe gives you a
good chance of success.....
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WLVT went off the air and is now channel sharing on RF channel 9.

Did you really buy RG-8? That is 50 ohm coax and better for transmitters than TV receivers.

As JoeAZ said, you would do well with a full-sized all channel antenna aimed at Philly. It would be possible to add WPVI to your HD 7698P antenna using an HLSJ. Additionally, you could split the Philly all channel antenna before you insert the HLSJ and have WPVI with both the NYC antenna plus the Philly antenna.

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> Tower Guy - Did you really buy RG-8?

I looked at my cable cache again and see boxes of RS RG-6U and some cable I picked up at an estate sale. The RG-8 came from the sale, unused, on a spool and that was all I looked at when I posted. But your right, I'll be using the RG-6U.

JoeAZ - You misread my post. I never mentioned using a rotator on the Winegard 7698. Quote from my OP, "I never used the 7698P on a rotator."

The antenna sits low to the roof but gets excellent reception from NYC even though I've aimed it towards Long Island in hopes of getting WLIW. In this case a rotator isn't necessary, less wind loading & icing issues with a short mast and no rotator, and easy to work on (I can stand on the lower roof below it to work on it).

The rotator is used (needed) for the UHF pointing toward Philly. I only need UHF. VHF channels 3, 6, 10 in Philly are the same broadcast as 2, 7, 4 in NYC so I never bother with them. But things are more spread out in that direction vs NYC, so I need a rotator to pull in everything.

Just trying to find the better choice in UHF antennas to replace the one I now have.
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