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Strange changes in Signal Need Help ASAP (Florida)! - Posted My Signal Report

Hi All,

I purchased this antenna from amazon over a year ago "Eagle Aspen EASDTV2BUHF Directv Approved 2-Bay UHF Outdoor Antenna" which had been working find up to about a month ago. For the past year based on my signal report I could only receive 3 of the 4 main networks, as NBC was VHF and this was a UHF antenna.

Well now some very strange things are happening that I cannot make sense of. I now get channel 2-1 which is NBC which is VHF? How is that even possible? And now I can no longer pull in 35-1 FOX (which is a major bummer with it being football season). I would really like to have somebody to review this before I go back into the attic to try and get my missing fox station back.

CBS 9-1
ABC 6-1
FOX 35-1

NBC 2-1 (vhf)

Based on my report shouldnt I still be able to get FOX? I am not sure why it stopped working about a month ago. Any reason how my antenna is now picking up NBC which is VHF? Thanks Guys

my report

my antenna

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Don't know why you would get 11 on that antenna. A small antenna should not get much VHF - wavelength is too long.

Attic installation? Performance of an attic installation is always difficult to predict. You won't like it, but I suggest that you disconnect your antenna in the attic and move it to the roof - at least temporarily, to test reception. I'd also suggest connecting the antenna directly to the TV, using a new commercially-made RG-6 cable.

Also, if you read the Amazon reviews, this antenna can have factory assembly issues that could affect performance. One poster removed the plastic riveted connections and replaced the rivets with screws and nuts from the hardware store.

This antenna looks like a copy of the Antennas Direct DB2. Might be helpful to read their documents.

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Another thing that can happen - trees grow and could be blocking line-of-sight (LOS) toward Orlando. A NM of 38 for WOFL is plenty of signal, but you are pretty low at 15' and that's well under the treeline ... even under the bushes line. Trees are full of water and they cause a lot of attenuation and multipath problems. And an attic installation costs a lot of signal strength, if it works at all.

Also, digital TV is an all-or-nothing proposition typically. Both 39 and 26 are stronger than 22 and they could be above the threshold for reception, even though they are brodcasting from the same direction.

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Sometimes, channels fall off, or move around. Try this.

As far as why you're able to receive VHF, it is entirely possible for antennas to pick up signals from outside of their design frequency.
The farther you deviate from the design frequency, the less sensitive the antenna will be.
It's a slope, not an immediate drop off.
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