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Charlotte Metro Area Attic reception?

I used to live in Winston-Salem, NC and strapped my Antennas Direct 91XG ( to my chimney and pointed it towards Charlotte and had great reception, even picking up local channels that were in the other direction.

I have since moved to Charlotte. My new house is two stories, but lacks a chimney for attachment and I have an HOA that may frown upon an antenna as large as mine being mounted on the roof. I was hoping to put it in the attic and run a direct line straight to the TV, which will be directly below the antenna in our 2nd floor bonus room. That is the only TV in the house, no splitter, no amplifier, etc.

Any thoughts based on my Signal Analysis: as to whether I should be able to pick up the locals (Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, and PBS) from the attic? I'd love to be able to place it there, because I could do the install, I have the space and it would be easy and clean. Looking for guidance on whether it is even worth trying to put it in the attic, or whether I should just bite the bullet and put it on the roof.


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not sure of your actual location and i know someone will come on here and say "well every location is different"

but i have a small passive 2 bay antenna and get all Charlotte stations to 3 tv's all over the house all passive mounted on my back deck pointed straight at some trees ...

so just my best guess would be you'll be fine in the attic and your tvfool looks better than mine at your location ...

if you want winston/hickory/ etc you'll need to go on the roof and point in that direction you'll probably pick up all clt regardless of where you point your antenna ...

just an fyi your hoa can't make you not put up an antenna against the law ... but if you have a back yard you can usually get away with putting it on the back side of the roof and just having it peak over we have a few of these in the neighborhood and its barely visible from street

actually your biggest challenge is signal from so many directions and an antenna that is very directive ...

my plan was to do a roof mount but after i got everything i wanted on my sat dish mount on the back deck i just figured i'd be done.

good luck !!

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Here is the Federal Antenna Law that says Yes you can install a Broadcast Tv Reception Antenna of Any Size above the Roof so as to have Reliable Reception. .

I do not advise people to hide Tv antennas.


The hiding and fear mentality gives Hoa's more power.
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