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Talking Antenna suggestions? Installers?

I ditched cable a couple years ago and up until recently lived in an apartment in town, so getting reception of local TV channels was easily done with an indoor antenna and amplifier (Mohu Leaf). I rarely needed to move the antenna for different channels.

I've recently moved into my first home that's in the 'burbs, so the indoor antenna isn't cutting it anymore. I can still get all the local channels, but have to move the antenna daily (2-3 different positions) to get certain channels. Now that I own, I want to get an external antenna for the roof (single story home). Any suggestions on antenna? I want good reception, but don't want/ can't spend a ton. Would I need an amplifier? I had one installer suggest that I'd need one, but would like opinions.

Here's my reception report:

Also, any suggestions for installers in the NW Houston, Texas area? Thanks!
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Jake V
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Nice plot.

If it were mine I'd probably use a RCA ANT-751 or an Antennas Direct C2-V pointed to about 150 degrees on a compass. Most of your channels are at 169 degrees, but you have a few at 142 degrees and 142 degrees. Adjust as necessary. No amp needed. You CBS at 321 degrees is strong so it should be picked up. Make sure you mount the antenna LOS to the SE and NW.
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