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Unable to get certain stations


I have a Mohu Leaf antenna and am not able to get NBC in my area. Supposedly, WNBW is an NBC affiliate, but for some reason I am unable to get that station. I don't know very much about how to read these signal analyses but there is nothing that makes WNBW stand out from the other stations above it which I am able to get clearly. What am I missing?

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Is this a , house , town home , condo , apartment , mobile home , motor home , or etc.??

What directions do , windows , patios , balconies , face??

What floor??

What is the top floor??
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WNBW is broadcast on real CH-9, a High-VHF frequency. The Mohu Leaf is a UHF only design.

If you can mount an antenna system outdoors, we would have more options to offer you. If you are limited to an indoor antenna, we can still suggest a few options that may be able to support reception of WNBW.
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