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Antenna Advice for San Diego 92128 (Rancho Bernardo)

Hi all,

I'm hoping to get some antenna advice for my home in the Rancho Bernardo area of San Diego. I'm anticipating it's going to be challenging to get decent reception, but I'd love nothing more than to eliminate my monthly pay TV bill.

Here's my signal analysis, based off adjusting the pointer location on the online map to where I plan on installing the antenna and generating the radar view from there:

I'm in a single story home with a peaked roof and attic. I'm planning for an antenna install on a mast from the peak of the eaves, so approximately 25 feet above ground level. The channels I'd like to receive are the local network affiliates and PBS, so channels 8 (CBS/KFMB), 10 (ABC/KGTV), 6 or 23 (CW/XETV), 19 (Fox/KSWB), 30 (PBS/KPBS), and 40 (NBC/KNSD) on the signal analysis report.

I had previously tried a Mohu Sky antenna in my attic with discouraging results. I got my local Fox affiliate perfectly but no other clear stations and I ended up deciding to hold off while I decided if I wanted to bother with a roof-mounted antenna. I didn't do much with trying to aim the antenna or tune it, I just hung it in the rafters pointing generally south and then took it down when the reception was poor. Based on reading these forums, I'm assuming I'll need separate VHF and UHF antennas along with an amplifier, but any advice on specifics is greatly appreciated.

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Can you tell us , or better show us, the view at the location for line of site looking in the direction of 160 degrees magnetic?
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