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New to OTA, few questions for you experts :)

Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum, and to that matter, to this topic too.
I am trying to learn a bit more about antennas, understand the principles behind this to maybe improve my setup.

First thing first, I wanted to ditch my cable bill (who doesn't? ) so last weekend, I came accross this antenna at BestBuy :

I figured I'd try it and see if I can at least get HDTV signal at my home, then work from there.
At ground level, I was surprised I could already receive 4 channels (yeah more on that later, I live in Quebec city, so only a few channels are available).

So yesterday night, I decided I'd put it temporarily in the attic just to see if my signal would improve and it did, got the 5th channel I was "supposed" to receive.

Now, I have a few questions for you guys.
First, my radar plot :
I am not sure why, but the channels listed in there aren't exactly what I am getting.

I am getting GTN, TQ, TVA, V and SRC, but on the chart, it seems like SRC shouldn't be strong.
What's weird is that on the ground level, I couldn't get V to work (but I was receiving SRC) but in
the attic I am receiving both clearly.
Also, the channels numbers don't match for SRC channel

TVFool Info : Channel name + Channel # in the chart / "On the field Info" Channel name + Channel # displayed
GTN CKMI-DT Channel 20 / GTN CKMI-DT Channel 20
TQ CIVQ-HD Channel 15 / TQ CIVQ-HD Channel 15
TVA CFCM-DT Channel 17 / TVA CFCM-HD Channel 17
V CFAP-DT Channel 39 / V CFAP-DT Channel 39
SRC CKTM-DT Channel 28 / STC CBVT-DT Channel 25

I did some more research and found this site (sorry it's in french, but you will still understand the map)
It list the channels I should get in Quebec
12-1 SRC, 20-1 GTN, 17-1 TVA, 15-1 TQ, 39-1 V, so then again, I don't get the difference for SRC channel. But at the same time, it's not a big issue as long as I receive it right?

And it also has a Google Maps where all antennas are listed :
If you zoom in the Quebec city region, you will see that the antennas differs a bit from the tvfool map (if you enter ZIP Code G3A2W1)

My questions are :
-Should I keep this antenna, or should I try even cheaper, UHF only antenna? I can get a few different Digiwave models for 60$ even 40$... Considering I can't get more than 5 channels
it is my (basic) understanding that as long as I find an antenna that receives all those channels, I'm good?
-Can the difference between the antenna listed on TVFool and the other site explain why I'd receive a stronger signal for SRC than V at ground level? I mean, can it be that there
are slight errors in the antennas listed on TVFool website? Or it's the other way around?
-Concerning the antenna, I mentionned I could get Digiwave antennas, but I could also buy a bit more expansive but yet cheaper than the Antenna Direct (paid roughly 120$ for it),
Winegard antennas such as :

It might be a bit of a long post, sorry about that, but I thought I'd give as much detail as I could even though I am not sure I understand all the things I wrote

Thanks for your help!!!
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WOW, It looks like those channels are in different directions, and at a distance of about 60mi.
Depending on terrain, foliage (Trees) ect, a good directional antenna placed high enough should be able to receive distant stations. The antenna that you have I have installed many times (Roof or Chimney mounted) in metropolitan areas (Phila & New York) and have achieved good results, in looking at the specs it has a 10Db gain in the UHF band, this is good.
Afew things to think about, First you are loosing signal by installing this in an attic, is it possible to get it to the roof? This will help a lot.
Secondly, what type of cable are you using?
Third , I notice channels at different directions, you should be able to receive the 5 channels that are closest.
I looked at the french site that you posted, the antenna listed or shown there is obviously supposed to be mast mounted and the sets of panels are kind of hinged so you can set it up to receive from two different directions or position all the panels in the same direction for more Db gain. In any event I have also installed these and yes they do work well.
The other stations shown on the radar plot are pretty far away.
Be also aware that UHF does not travel as far as VHF signals, so it may be possible to watch a channel broadcast on VHF and have a UHF channel broadcasting from the same location that you can't receive.
Bottom line is, if you are receiving the stations but they are weak (Inside the attic), try to get the antenna to the roof and look at the results, if the signals are still weak I would try a stacked panel antenna like I discussed earlier in the post.
Hope this info will give you some guidance.
Kind Regards!!
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Thank you Commtech1 for you reply.
I think I might have not expressed myself clearly though, and since my post, I have continued my research about those antennas and I really think that the info my be outdated on tvfool for my area. I haven't looked yet as to how to report this, but I will check later.

I can confirm from local data, and the CRTC database (Canadian FCC) that the 3 closest antenna to me are less than 20 miles away, closest is roughly about 6 miles from me. So basically this changes my questions a bit, and it would be do you think it's worth trying to find the cheapest antenna that would still work, or since I've found one that works, just stick with it.

I'm not confortable about installing an antenna on the roof, so if I can avoid that, it'd be better, altough I know this is not an optimal setup, I can still get good signal in the attic. Regarding that, I say "good" signal but it only means that I am receiving the 5 channels I am supposed to receive. I don't know (yet) how to measure the strength of the signal...

As for the cable I am using, I don't know, I guess there is something more than just RG6 Coax cables?

From my searches also, seems like those channels are only emitting in UHF, so that's why my question in the first post was should I concentrate on getting a better, yet cheaper antenna than the one I have, but that would be UHF only...
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