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Antenna, Pre-amp, and splitters...


Here is my setup, I have linked directly to the products if I can. I have a DB4E antenna that goes to a Winegard PS-1403 pre-amp. The pre-amp plugs into a RCA 3 way splitter that is good only for up to 900mhz. Off that splitter it goes to a garage TV and then to the basement to an RCA 8 way splitter also only good for up to 900mhz.

So my issue is that I seem to have a very high signal strength according to the TV tuner, but it blinks out every 5 minutes or so for a couple of seconds. In my signature you can see my signal analysis, I am tuning to the Madison, WI stations. Primarily 3.1, 27.1, and 47.1. I was reading up on splitters and have found several references to needing 1000ghz or more. Before I buy a couple of powered Channel Masters, do you think this is my issue? Do I need the powered Channel Masters if I already have a pre-amp?

If you see anything else that can help me out I would appreciate it!

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I should mention the TV antenna is 15 feet off the ground. I moved into this house with the splitter setup. The antenna and pre-amp worked very well at my old house.
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The PS-1403 is a power inserter for a preamp mounted at the antenna. To figure out your problem we would need to know the model of the preamp itself.

The 900 MHz splitters that you have now are fine, but you have about 15 dB of loss with both the 3-way and 8-way in series. The lengths of coax also have loss, so please estimate the distances.

Another problem is that the DB4e that you have is a UHF only antenna. You have one station on VHF now and another that will be moving to VHF due to the channel changing repacking that is underway.
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Your link to an FM signal report is only a link to enter the information for a report. FM reports don't link like the TVFool reports; you have to show an image.

However, I did an FM report based on my estimate of your location and created an active link to the report:

There is a remote chance that the two strongest FM transmitters could interfere with TV reception.

As Tower Guy mentioned, WISC CBS will be moving to VHF-High channel 11 during Repack Phase 9:

which is 3/14/2020 to 5/1/2020

WREX NBC is also on VHF-High, but it is in another direction; you already have WMTV NBC.
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Your splitters only need to cover up to 700 MHz, the current limit of broadcast television signals. There is no need to replace them just for the frequency rating you indicated.

If you have the PS1403 installed but no actual amplifier installed, you need to remove the PS1403. The DB4e's balun isn't affected by having a "hot" coax, but other antennas will be,
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