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Housing's Electrical at Antenna?

Hello all,

First time here.
I've recently ditched Cable TV… and Honestly… I don't miss it at all. I've been doing a lot of research on Antenna choices, locations, directions and what not.

I would like your opinions on this video.

I've tried it at home and it appears to work better then my rabbit ears. It looks like the wiring (the grounding) in the house is functioning as some kind of multi-directional antenna.

Does anyone have any ideas for a more permanent / cleaner installation? Right now I have my Cable just touching the screw for the mounting plate for a light switch and the cat keeps bumping it. Then I have to go over and play around with it for a few minutes until I can get it to stay put again.

Does anyone want to scream and shout about the dangers in this? I'm looking for any feedback
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