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has anyone ever combined a cs5 and cs2?

and I don't mean 2 separate antennas on a mast, I mean take the tapered loop element "8" off the cs2 and fasten it on the reflector screen of a cs5. to me this would be the ideal compact solution to get over 10 dbi uhf gain and over 7 dbi vhf gain. is it even possible?
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I'm guessing you could be the first.

If you take care, the two antennas could be reassembled if the experiment fails. I'd use the UHF/VHF combiner that ships with the CS5 to combine the two bands.
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This was an idea explored by our engineer back when the C5 was in development.

The idea was rejected because the negative interactions between the elements was too great. I remember seeing the simulations and they were not pretty.

Now, that doesn't mean you can't get it to work at some level, it meant that it wasn't a viable option for a commercialized product.
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Putting antennas close together one inside the other like that will produce negative results.

Antenna cross talk detunes both antenna.


You like the look of the vertical flat panel antennas.

I recommend install 2 separate antennas separated by 3 feet or more.

Install a Antennas Direct , Clear Stream 4 .

And the , C5 .

The C5 comes with a combiner to combine the , CS4 and C5 , antennas.


It is also Ok to install the CM4228HD , vertical flat panel antenna.


The best way to do reception is to have Reliable Reception First with a antenna.


And then Experiment with other antennas and modifications of antennas.

You can run a separate coax to Tv/Reception Equipment in your , Experiment Room.

I think you will like to do , Tv DX and Radio DX , the projects will be interesting for a Long Time.


Has the Antenna Craft , G1483 series of flat panel antennas , 4 bay , 8 bay , ANSG 16 bay .

The G1483 antennas are a old antenna design , known as the Gray Hoverman.

The Hoverman is more research for you to do , The design is a basic fractal antenna design.

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