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Help with reception in Atlanta

Hey guys

Was hoping you guys could help in my antenna purchase and setup. Currently using indoor winegard antenna but we reception is sketchy due to some trees to the west/southwest so looking for rooftop solution.

Live about 10 miles NE of Atlanta and current setup is two TVs connected to a tablo via hardwired rokus. I have experimented with both wireless and wired connections and, although performance is great either way, I try to hard wire whenever possible. There could be a third TV at some point and that may need to be connected wireless.

As mentioned we have tall tree directly to our west but there is a bit of a clearing to the SW if I go up higher and mount antenna on the roof.

Any advise on antenna types and how tablo/roku fit into the equation would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!
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You have _lots_ of signal. Take your indoor antenna up on the roof with a long, new cable and see what you get. Aside from the trees, you should not need a lot of antenna to get everything from Atlanta (233 magnetic). WXIA likely won't come in without a VHF antenna; there are plenty of UHF-VHF antennas on the market, like the Antennacraft HBU series. An ANT751 pointed at 209 magnetic may be all you need, if there are no obstructions to the horizon.
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I second the ANT751R. I live in the Atlanta area, and my FR is not quite as favorable as yours, yet my roof mounted ANT751R works flawlessly.
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