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Can I Get These Stations?


I'm moving here.

I have experience setting up and mounting a 91xg with a RCA preamp at my current place. It's gotten pretty good reception after setup. However, the reception where I'm moving to is a little worse than what I have in my current home (maybe 2-3 dB).

I noticed that solid signal came out with an HDB91X. It seems to have similar gain to the 91xg and is slightly cheaper. Should I just go with that?
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Did you leave the 91XG behind? Antennas Direct products are well made ... I would take it and the preamp with me. The HDB91X is likely an imported copy of the 91XG, made more cheaply. Less than $25 difference on Amazon ...

You want to point it at Ogden (299)? Can you go higher?

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Hi David,

Is it possible you could post your current location TVFool map, along with a list of stations from it that you are currently receiving with the 91XG?

I would agree with the other poster. If I remember right, that alternative antenna is also smaller, which leads me to believe (unscientifically) that it would not perform quite as well as your current antenna.
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