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Antenna Help - Low Lying area in Raleigh

I'm setting my sister's house up with OTA tv to cut the cord. She lives in a good line of sight distance to the towers of the main network channels, but I worry that the land is low and will have reception issues. Can you please recommend a preferred antenna set up for this link?

Thank you.
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Your report takes account of the topography at the location you pick. So whether it's low or not is included in the report. What's not included is trees, buildings and other local obstructions. You picked 20' for the height of the antenna, and you should have plenty of signal to pick up the major stations from Raleigh at that height using a modest outdoors antenna like the RCA ANT751 ... provided you point the antenna in that direction, and you are not aiming through trees or buildings.

The Antennacraft HBU11 or HBU22 is another suitable option.
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