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Need Antenna Suggestions

Here is my signal analysis report:

I am currently able to pull in all stations I want (ABC, CBS, FOX, ION, NBC & PBS) using a simple antenna like this one when placed next to a southeast facing window.

My goal is to place an antenna in one of two places. Ideally, I would like to place an antenna in our attic so it is out of site. Our house backs to open space so there are no obstructions. In this scenario, I don't care what the antenna looks like.

The second place I could put the antenna is where our current satellite dish is installed (outside), which is on the south corner of our house and about 10 feet above the ground. Again, there are no obstructions, but the antenna would be visible so I would prefer something that looks good (e.g., a simple looking antenna or one of those flat/enclosed antennas).

Our house if fairly large. It is about 50 feet from the attic to the central wiring location where I need to distribute the signal. If the antenna is placed outside, then it will be about 100 feet to the central wiring location. From the central location, I will feed 3 TV's which are approximately 10 feet, 50 feet and 100 feet away.

Looking for antenna, amps and distribution equipment suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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If we were neighbors, you'd see a larger antenna on my roof. Likely a Winegard HD7696P pointed south. If I could find a new Antennas Direct CPA-19 preamp, that would be on the mast, just below the antenna. I would be able to drive 100' of RG-6 and the losses of a 4-way splitter easily. If I needed to drive more tuners, I would replace the passive splitter at the distribution point (assumed to be 50 feet or more from the preamp) with a Channel Master CM-3418 distribution amplifier.

You could opt to go another way all together... An RCA ANT-751R. Experiment with the aim point starting from 333.
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Until I'm able to finish a DIY project I have here, one of my antennas is a Winegard 7698p and I have been very pleased w/ it..

I have people asking me all the time about my antennas and I love it.
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Thanks for the suggestions! I'll let you know how it goes.
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