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Antenna / Amplifier ~80 miles out

I'm in the process of helping my parents re-work their TV antenna setup. They live in the country in SW Iowa, just under 80 miles from most Des Moines transmitters, and have a ~40' tower.

Here's a link to the report:

Unsure of antenna that's installed currently, but it doesn't have many of the long VHF elements left due to 15+ years of ice/wind. There is a rotor on there but it doesn't work. Amplifier is a Channel Master 0064c (rated 16db VHF / 23 db UHF). Only one TV--I'd guess the total cable length is around 60' from the antenna to the wall plate. They are currently able to watch most channels fairly reliably, but since the move to digital have had more problems with signals dropping out--it sounded like when they have issues it's with most/all channels, so perhaps something atmospheric-related pushes it over the edge? They have a tube TV with a DTV converter box--I'm also guessing the tuner in that may not be of the highest quality.

So far I've been mainly looking at the big Winegard antennas--leaning toward the 7084 over the 8200, as it has a little better gain in the low-VHF band that's needed to pick up WOI channel 5 and is a little bit smaller. Does the 7084 sound like a good solution, or is there anything else I should be looking at? I had mentioned the idea of doing separate UHF and VHF antennas to make the VHF easier/cheaper to replace next time the long elements break off, but it sounds like they would rather just have one. It also seemed like the gain for the 7084 was higher than the dedicated VHF antennas I was finding.

The next question, then, is amplification--what do I need/want to ensure good reliable performance? It seems like all amps have about the same noise floor--is it worth going to a higher gain model like the Winegard 8275? The only "near" transmitter would be about 90-degrees off axis, so my impression is that with a directional antenna that should be enough to prevent overloading the input.

A new rotor has been discussed, but it doesn't sound like they want or need to pick up Omaha or KC stations so I am leaning toward a hard mount. I'm a bit dubious of a rotor's longevity with a big antenna that far up in the air. Thoughts? There is a 4-wire control cable already in place.

Thanks for any and all assistance!
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I recommend remove and discard ALL of the old antenna set up and discard the rotor and discard all the outside coax.

Install All new on the outside.

Antenna rotators Are Not channel surfing friendly , I recommend Do Not install a new rotator.

Yes , install the HD7084P antenna aimed at about 39 degree magnetic compass direction.
Here is how to aim antennas ,

Also install a , Ultra Low Noise , , KT-200 remote power coax fed amplifier booster.

The remote power coax fed amplifier provides the flexibility to install the amplifier unit outdoors or indoors.

For 1 Tv connected use no splitter.

For 2 Tv's connected use a , HFS-2D , 2 way splitter.

For 3 Tv's connected use a , HFS-3D , 3 way splitter.

Buy the HFS splitters at , , or ,


WOI-DT VHF channel 05 , ABC and Live Well Network ,

KDMI-DT UHF channel 19 , This Tv and MY Network ,

KDSM-TV UHF channel 16 , FOX and Country Network ,

KCCI-DT VHF channel 08 , CBS and Me-TV ,

WHO-DT VHF channel 13 , NBC and Iowa Weather Channel and Antenna Tv ,

KDIN-DT VHF channel 11 , PBS ,

KCWI-DT UHF channel 23 , CW ,

KHIN PBS is off axis (on the side of the antenna) and that will reduce signal strength , however the signal strength at 39.4 NM(dB) is moderate strong , and should still be received.


Here are some places to buy antennas and etc. , , , ,

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I anticipate that WOI will be the most challenging signal. The Low-VHF channels, 2 - 6 are impacted by man made noise, home electronics, auto ignition systems, etc. more than higher frequencies.

This would be a case were I would suggest a rotator, for two reasons. One, at 40' it would make fine tuning aim much quicker and safer. Two, if you have trouble with reliable reception of WOI, you have a means to point the antenna at another ABC affiliate.

That said, I agree with the rest of teleview's recommendation.

Consider the HyGain AR-40 or an NTE U-106 with a TB-105 bearing.
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The Digital Tv stations/channels to the , west north west , are all UHF Tv stations/channels.

KHIN-DT UHF channel 35 PBS.

WOWT-TV UHF channel 22 NBC and Local Weather and Mobile Digital Tv and Local News.

KETV-DT UHF channel 20 ABC and Me-TV.

KMTV-DT UHF channel 45 CBS and Live Well Network.

KPTM-DT UHF channel 43 FOX and MyNetwork and This Tv and Estrella Tv.

KXVO-DT UHF channel 38 CW and Azeca America .

To reach out for reception , install a Winegard HD9095P antenna with a KT-200 remote power amplifier booster.

The HD9095P antenna will be aimed at about 270 degree magnetic compass direction.

This will put KHIN a little off axis , about 33 degree , and reduce the signal strength a little and that's good.

The other Tv stations are very weak so reducing the signal strength of KHIN a little is good.

The 2 antenna systems , HD7084P and HD9095P will not be connected together on to one coax,

The 2 antenna systems are separate to each Tv location where a Remote control A/B coax antenna switch will changes antenna systems. , #15-1968. , #32-4425 .

Remote control antenna switching is Channel Surfing Friendly , push the button on the hand held remote control , changes antenna systems and Keep On Channel Surfing.

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