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No signal from one channel

I recently connected an ez-hd outdoor antenna to my digital converter box. I am now receiving all my locals but one. I have rescanned for channels and changed the direction the antenna is pointing with no luck. The channel is KTVE-10. Here is what seems odd to me. I have another TV in another room connected to a TERK indoor antenna and it is receiving this station with a signal strength of 40. I have tried to get a signal with the Terk antenna on the first TV but it still shows no signal.The ez-hd outdoor antenna is not very high above my roof. Do you think raising it will help? I talked with one person who says most of my stations are transmitting from the south but KTVE is from the north but changing the antenna direction has not helped. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
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Dave Loudin
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Please read this, then we'll have enough information to be able to help. Be sure to run the report for the correct antenna height.
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John Candle
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Tv reception
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