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Lost signal for WCBS-DT


Looking for some help. Recently lost signal from WCBC-DT 33 (2.1). Had no previous issues.

I have a DIY gable roof top mounted 8 bay antenna using the mclapp design here.

It's about 25' off the ground. No reflector, about 100' of cable, two TV's, TVPRAMP1R preamplifier.

Older TV Fool report from the time it was built.

Recent TV Fool report which is a little different.

Here is a link to an issue I had with WFSB but never got the time to complete the project. Strange how time slips by!

Here is a new projected report with antenna at 40'.

Here is a projected report with antenna at 60'.

Wondering if anything stands out.
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You don't mention, if you're having problems w/ other stations, but if not, you'll want to call the station and see if they're having problems.
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Tower Guy, GroundRMast, and I all identified the problem and the needed solution in your thread regarding WFSB. If you have done nothing in that regard, then go do it.

WFSB and WCBS are on the same channel and are short-spaced and you are in the middle. You cannot use a bi-directional antenna and expect it to work without issues.
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