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Was getting good reception, now I don't


I previously set up a rooftop antenna with help of this site. Thanks much for helping me get it up and running! Here is the tvfool thread in which you all helped me get set up.

I was getting good reception. I have a rooftop antenna, a preamplifier, connected to a Hauppauge HVR-2250 in an HTPC, which then goes to my television.

Here's the thing. I've gotten good reception on lots of channels for months. Suddenly, within the last week, I'm getting pixelation on some channels and periodic complete dropouts on others. This hadn't happened before -- we were getting great, continuous reception.

We have had a little weather lately. A week or so ago, before we noticed these problems, we had some rain, and we've had earthquakes and some wind over the past week. I don't think there was anything drastic enough to knock our antenna around, but I want to acknowledge that it was there.

So the question is: What is the best way to troubleshoot the problem, given that we were getting good reception for a long time? I realize there are only a few things I can check: the antenna itself, the connections to the preamp, the cable, and the video card. But how do I check the antenna? From the ground it looks fine, but if I get up there, what should I be looking for? And is there a tester of some type that I could use to test the cable? Anything else?

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Troubleshooting can range from simple to annoying.

First step is to look at the antenna. Is it still orientated to the direction you set it to? Being blown off course could yield these reception issues especially if you are dealing with medium to weak strength signals.

Second, did you waterproof your connectors? Water getting into your coax can degrade reception.

I'd also confirm reception issues by patching your coax into the TV directly. This is to make sure your TV is exhibiting the same problems as the video card. Then you know it's in your antenna system. If not,and everything is fine via the TV tuner you know it's video card has gone a little off kilter.

This is just the entry level tests. This can be a process of deduction.

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Thank you, Stephanie. Those suggestions make good sense. I'll try them tomorrow when I can get up on the roof, and I'll let you know how it goes.
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Most likely Water damage,

Water gets into the coax and into connectors and connections and connecting devices outside.

To Prove reception connect a NEW Continues length of coax to the antenna and run the coax through a open door or window direct to 1 Tv.


For outside coax use the coax that has the Compression type connectors on the ends of the coax , not the crimp type connectors.

And to make Double Sure that water does not get into outside connections , Wrap with ,
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