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Desert Rat
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CM4228HD design problems

The CM422HD seems like just the prescription for many TV reception conditions. And it was recommended to me as well for my specific situation. Before purchasing I wanted to read some reviews and while searching the web came across this from HDTVPrimer.

Has anyone found similar problems with this antenna? As mentioned in many reviews the old CM4228 was a workhorse and top of its class. Could the continuing recommedations be based on the old CM4228? Has anyone done testing or real world comparisons with the newer redesigned CM4228HD? Maybe channel master has addressed these issues and corrected the problems? Or maybe even with the design issues it still performs well enough to be recommended?

Would like to get your thoughts before making a final decision to purchase one.
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Old news.

The truth is , All antennas are design compromise.

Improving the UHF performance of the CM4228HD reduces the VHF performance.

Any antennas performance can be improved or reduced by making changes to the antenna , it is a trade off improve one aspect and reduce an other aspect.

Channel Master designed the New CM4228 to be a balanced antenna for reception of UHF channels 14 thru 51 and VHF channels 7 thru 13.


Here is Real world testing.
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