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Help with tv signal reception

My tv signal is fading out and I'm losing my channels.
Have a Winegard HD8200U antenna and a Winegard pre amp. At 30 foot in the air. My channels are not coming in anymore. The antenna and amp are about 5 years old.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Dave
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Hello, Dave

If you don't even get WGTA or WHNS, something is really wrong. You will have to narrow it down to which part of your system has gone bad by the substitution of known good parts one-by-one. It could be the antenna, balun/CB8269 PCB, the preamp, coax, power inserter, or TREES.

Do you get WGTA if you connect the coax directly to the antenna, bypassing the preamp and power inserter?

How To Troubleshoot a Winegard Antenna Cartridge Housing
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Water can seep into your connections and corrode them reducing the signal strength and quality. Check that when checking for failed components.
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