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Chevy power
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Norton Ohio Antenna questions.

I do not watch much TV and I have netflix. I would like to get an antenna and mount it to where the existing dish was mounted on my roof. I took the dish down last weekend, I can use the J pole from that (ideally I would like to or I can fabricate a higher post if needed). I currently only have two TVS but as time goes on I plan on having a few more. I ran new Coax to my existing TVs and have a cheap rabbit ears that I put in my attic.

Can someone recommend an antenna for me and my location?

Ideally I would like the antenna in the attic but would much rather prefer maximum channels over not having the antenna in the attic. So I pretty much ruled attic mounting out.

Right now I have a feed line from the rabbit ears to a splitter to my two TVS. I would like to set this up correct for 4 or 5 tvs while I am doing it. Can I just use a splitter?

Here is my signal analysis

Thank you for any help. I appreciate the wealth of information on this site.
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Chevy power
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Any help? Thank you
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While you're waiting for real expertise, I'll give you my two cents. The only high-VHF station you're likely to want is real 8 (FOX), and all the others are UHF, some stronger than others, covering a 73 degree azimuth from magnetic 0 to magnetic 73. Given the wide arc, the DB8e comes to mind, since you can aim both panels separately, resulting in less gain overall but a wider effective azimuth, still with plenty of gain (about 8-11 dB at 90 degrees apart, depending on frequency).

Add a H-VHF only antenna to the mast for real 8, like the Y5-7-13 with 6.9 dB published gain (aimed at magnetic 0), combine with a UVSJ (not a regular splitter/combiner), and send one coax down. AD sells a VHF kit now to add a dipole to the DB2/4/8e panels, but at 34dB noise margin and 1-edge diffraction, it might not be enough.

Running a fool report at 25 ft would probably be helpful, as with the relatively flat terrain in the area, some extra height might improve things for the stations now in the yellow.

Just my thoughts while you wait for more informed suggestions.

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tomfoolery is correct. For the real UHF channels (14 & higher), the DB8E is an excelent fit in this situation. For ral CH-8, I'd err on the side of caution and opt for at least an Antennacraft Y5713. A premium solution would be the Y10713 or Antennas Direct CS5 (which includes the UHF/VHF combiner as I recall).
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Chevy power
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Thanks for the help guys.

I ended up going with an antennas direct DB4E, and a Y5-7-13. It's a shame to have to buy a separate antenna for one channel but it was worth it to have all the channels I could possibly get. I fabricated a few mounts and mounted them in my attic also tied them together with a UVSJ. I debated on getting the DB8E but the cost was more than double the DB4E. I'm able to pick up 39 channels. Cost me right around 100$ and works a whole lot better than my 10$ rabbit ears did.
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