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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
Hi Harold,
I studied your situation carefully. You get Lawton/Wichita Falls stations
from translators in Altus and from the market directly. You get OKC
stations from translators near Hollis. Your translators in Altus are close
enough and strong enough that you may be able to aim one of your
current antennas directly at Hollis translators and still receive your
local Altus translators properly. That antenna would need a dedicated
RG6 run and here is why. The issue you are having with Rf 18 and
some others is that some of your tuners are unable to deal with two
stations so close, distance wise, on the same frequency. I would
keep the other antenna aimed at your main market transmitters
and translators serving Lawton and Wichita Falls. That antenna
might work better being separated from the other(s). For your sole
VHF station, I would suggest the MCM Electronics VHF antenna.
It is inexpensive $25.00 and performs decently. It is not unusual at
all for translators to be spaced well less than 70 miles apart on the
same Rf. That is why I strongly recommend keeping antenna RG6
cables separated. It prevents lots of problems, especially down
the road.....
We have issues with translators in Williams, Flagstaff, Prescott
and on Mingus Mtn in Arizona many on the same frequency and
some as close as 40 miles apart.

Hi JoeAZ, If I decide to go this route, the VHF is recomended to use a combiner. What I'm thiking Is to connect the bottom antenna to the VHF with a couple short cables to the recomended combiner.. Then use the cable I'm presently using to connect the recomended combiner to upper antenna combiner I'm presently using. Point the VHF antenna at 125 degrees, the bottom antenna at 349 degrees, and the top at 296 degrees. That should resolve any issue I have with frequency 18. Will the VHF antenna need to be seperated from the two I have?
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