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Hello again JoeAZ,
I've been doing some experimenting with the programming I get. With the TIVO I can record about two hundred hours and have four tuners. Looks like channel 3-1 NBC shuts off power around 1130, until around 5 am. 4-1 the OKC channel isn't constant like 3-1. Some times it is on until 2 or 3 am then back on 5 or 6. some times off at 10 pm not back on until I do another scan because the 4-1 frequency I get isn't in the channel list. 6 & 7 are pretty constant in that from around midnight until 5 or 6. For those 5 to 6 hours they are pretty good but a lot of pixelation. On those two channels from early morning until midnight pixelation can't be found. Channel 9-1 may have some multipath interference. I don't know where another frequency 35 is. 9 has pixelation 24/7 . I haven't been able to record 24 hours. In 4 days straight some time between 10&2 it just goes black and the TiVo stops recording. The channel is lost until I rescan. Funny channel 12 was 100% Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Was going to watch 12 this morning around 7 and no picture or audio. TiVo had no signal with signal finder. 18&25 both shut down around 10 pm. Can't get either to keep recording all night. 43 went off Saturday night and I've not been able to get it with a rescan.
It seems I lose every channel every night somewhere between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am. Same with getting channels, between 6:00 am until 10:00 pm, except 43. I've only tried to record what I'll call prime channels. Because if I'm getting those I can get the sub channels.
I'm guessing 43 actually has a problem. Wouldn't mind if I didn't get it. 43-2 is thistv same as 7-3, 43-3 is escape same as 18-3, only 43-1 is different and haven't watched it enough to know what is on.
Let me get back to 9, I know the check signals device on TiVo isn't the best. But on 9 it has more up and downs. Peak of low sixties and drop into upper thirties. Common to see 20 to 25 point drop. Other channels usually 5 to 8 only. 72 seems high as that will go.

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